Whether it’s a research paper, a patent or product catalogue, we’ve got you covered. Our expert linguists are assigned according to their specialist knowledge, and have access to our comprehensive scientific glossaries ensuring accurate and reliable translations. This naturally requires the rare combination of both linguistic and scientific expertise. EIYAKU has assembled an excellent team at your service. Contact us for a quotation, or to discuss your project.

Software & IT

Translation of API instruction manuals, software documentation, and localizations of existing applications are among the many types of software projects EIYAKU is entrusted. With decades of combined experience in IT, our specialist linguists can provide precise software translations. Contact us for a quotation, or to discuss your project.


Medical translations can be challenging and they require precision and extensive experience. It is vital to provide accurate translation and our native medical translators understand the risks, therefore mistakes are out of question. We assure you that your outcome will be top-notch and you will have peace of mind that all your medical documents are translated professionally. We handle a wide range of medical fields:

• General medical information
• History records
• Discharge summaries
• Prescriptions
• Insurance claims
• Medical charts and medical reports
• Scientific publications and more.


From engineering and electrical, to semi-conductor and battery technologies, EIYAKU has worked with many of Japan’s most famous names in manufacturing. Our highly experienced translators deliver accurate, and clear technical documents including instruction manuals, compliance documents and patents.

Marketing & PR

We’re passionate about communicating your passion for your business and products. EIYAKU can ensure the success of your product launch, and specialises in the production of marketing materials, both online and off, packaging and PR. Translation of a marketing message requires a special grasp of the target language, with a flair for words that resonate with your target customers. SEO & Social Media services also available.